Wheelchair Transportation


Ambulatory Transportation

MediTrans specializes in providing individuals with Wheelchair Transportation services throughout Louisiana. Our Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation service allows clients to be transported to and from an appointment. The Wheelchair Transport services have been of tremendous help to many across the United States who are handicapped in some manner. We offer both wheelchair ramp and lift vehicles and can also provide the wheelchair if necessary. Special medical consideration is given to all patients according to their different needs and requirements. This is a non-emergency service which implies that the patient may not need emergency medical attention at the time of service.

Non-Emergency Ambulatory Transportation helps people that may be able to walk on their own, or with someone’s assistance or with an assistive device. MediTrans drivers will take clients anywhere they are required to travel. Now, people who found it difficult to seek medical help because of their lack of transportation or their inability to walk can easily carry on with their routine checkups and visits to their doctors and health care services in a more suitable and convenient manner.

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